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Successful and Sustainable Critical Infrastructure Solutions 

Our class-leading critical infrastructure solutions will keep your operations running 24/7. They’re space-saving, time-saving, energy-saving, cost-saving and infinitely scalable. But most importantly, each is perfectly suited to your business.

Critical Infrastructure Solutions

WhiteSpace are experts in understanding and solving challenges in environments that require a highly resilient infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted services that enable business, operations and systems to function efficiently, effectively and, above all, continuously.

Racks, Enclosures and Cabinets

WhiteSpace offers a wide variety of custom configured open frame racks, server racks and network enclosures for small, medium and enterprise data centres and colocation facilities.
power distribution

UPS and Power Distribution

WhiteSpace offers a comprehensive portfolio of back-up power and distribution equipment protecting you from a host of threats as well as offering a suite of power management products to enable you to monitor and control your power infrastructure.

Consoles and Benches

WhiteSpace is a leading provider of ergonomic furniture and consoles for technology-intensive environments. By integrating people with technology, our solutions help employees increase productivity and optimize workflow.

Airflow Management Solutions

WhiteSpace provides rack, room and aisle containment airflow management solutions which optimize data centre equipment, improve information processing density, create a greener data centre and increase spatial flexibility.

Engineering, Installation and Professional Services

WhiteSpace offers specialized engineering, professional, consulting and installation services to help you optimize the performance and efficiency of your critical infrastructure and technology-intensive environments.

Data Centre Security Solutions

WhiteSpace provides scalable, modular and reconfigurable industry leading rack and room physical security solutions for your IT infrastructure and data resources.

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WhiteSpace Data Centre Blog

Find our most recent posts with news and tips to help you solve data centre and technical environment challenges. 

New: Data Centre Assessment Service

It’s a quick and affordable way to get an independent, expert review of your facility. Learn how to increase profits and reduce operating costs, where you may have spare capacity and how to benchmark your facility’s performance.

Expanded line of server enclosures

WhiteSpace is now able to offer five types of enclosures as well as cable management solutions to ensure we meet the specific storage requirements of virtually all server, network and storage equipment.

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