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From the Edge to the Cloud.  Every project is different. Every application is different. The speed of changing technology creates significant new challenges for connecting and protecting data centre and network infrastructure.

Don't settle for a generic rack that doesn't fit into your infrastructure.

The WhiteSpace rack, enclosure and cabinet solutions combined with our design and project support provide the precise solution required to protect your mission critical data.

Markets served


Our customized racks accommodate the unique challenges associated with carriers. From large core switches, AC and DC power, specialized grounding, tapped rails, critical sensitive cabling to specialized appliances and more, WhiteSpace can has the experience and expertise to help.

Enterprise Data Centres

There are all kinds of Enterprise Data Centres in the world, but never two are the same!.  With a dynamic, ever changing environment that needs the ultimate in flexibility for mounting, powering, cabling, cooling and securing the equipment, WhiteSpace solutions continue to evolve with the changes in technology.

Colocation/Multi-tenant Data Centres (MTDC)

You never know what might be coming at you from client to client and need a rack that is flexible, yet still accommodating to your facility. Taller, wider and deeper racks for denser deployments, varied power configurations, more advanced security options and speed to deploy are some key differentiators WhiteSpace can provide.


A more predictable infrastructure means that you have a highly configured rack that you can scale out quickly. Open Architecture racks (OCP, Open 19) are available.

SCADA/Process Control

Can look like a standard enterprise data centre but require specialized features for some the unique equipment, facility and environmental challenges.

EDGE compute

Smaller more compact data centres to improve performance and latency. They can be small closet rooms to small data centres to specialized containers.

Distribution Area’s

Used primarily for data distribution within a building or office complex. IOT, POE and building systems such as lighting, security and other digitized and powered office elements. Cabling can be dense, but also power and heat dense. Edge devices can exist in these spaces leading to increased power and heat.


Casinos, Military, Scientific, HPC, Movie/Video rendering, Crypto mining, and many more specialized applications require something more than the standard. A highly customized solution is typically required.


Eaton racks and enclosures

Legrand racks and enclosure

 Cloud 9 custom enclosures.

Any size. Any configuration.

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