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optimize the performance and efficiency of your 
Critical Infrastructure

WhiteSpace offers specialized engineering, professional and consulting services to help you optimize the performance and efficiency of your critical infrastructure.

Our expertise covers the full range of challenges found in today’s mission critical environments. Whether you are facing space, ergonomic, cooling or power issues, our specialist consultants will work with you to diagnose problems, find hidden capacity, and put solutions in place that solve your issues and are right for your facility and your budget.

Our engineering, installation and professional services include

Data Centre Consulting

We understand that data centre planning can be a chicken-and-egg situation.  You need to secure a budget before you can get too far into the design process, but how do you establish your budget without a clear picture of what the right design looks like?

Our data centre engineering consultants can help.

  • When you are in the early planning stages, we offer preliminary solution designs, budget estimates and ROI analyses to help you secure funding for your project. These help you move forward more quickly through the budgeting phase.
  • Once your project has taken shape and funding is secured, our engineering team will provide a detailed data centre design that serves as the final build document for your enclosure and airflow management installation.

How We Work With You

Our data centre engineers follow a proven, systematic process that offers the peace of mind that your investment will deliver the ROI you expect. Our approach includes:

  • A thorough audit of your facilities to understand what we can leverage of your existing infrastructure and what new equipment will be required
  • A detailed assesment of your existing cooling infrastructure to help plan the best airflow management solution and validate the effectiveness of the proposed design
  • Depending on the scale and complexity of your project, our engineering consultants will also carry out predictive testing of the solution using latest in CFD modeling techniques. This helps to further validate the proposed design and establish rock-solid estimates of ROI that can be used to secure funding.

Data Centre Assessment

What You Get

The data centre assessment is designed to answer all your pressing questions and put you on the fast-track to optimizing your facility.

The service includes:

  • A call to review your objectives
  • A one-day site visit conducted by a WhiteSpace applications engineer
  • Multi-point facility inspection and data capture
  • Full report and recommendations delivered within five business days.

Inspection and Data Points

The assessment includes a hands-on inspection and instrument logging of over 30 key metrics relating to power, cooling, and airflow in the data centre. These assessment points include:

  • Detailed technical reporting of infrastructure deficiencies
  • Volumetric supply-airflow rates in perforated tiles
  • Detailed technical inspection of airflow patterns in each rack
  • Evaluation of thermal load in each rack
  • Inspection for enclosure air leakage
  • Real time logging of actual CRAC/CRAH return and supply air temperatures
  • Inspection for air leakage on the white space
  • Inspection under the raised floor and in the ceiling plenum
  • Raised floor airflow temperatures
  • Maximum device inlet temperatures for each rack

Data Centre CFD

Effective data centre cooling involves so many factors – from the enclosures themselves to the various containment options – that it is hard to know where to start when heat becomes a problem.

When planning changes to your facility, it is also very difficult to estimate the impact the changes will have on airflow and equipment temperatures.

Our CFD modeling team can help.

Computational fluid dynamics modeling is a powerful software-based process used to predict airflow patterns in the data centre. It provides the reassurance that your cooling solution will  deliver the ROI you expect. It also allows you to understand how it will behave under any number of different scenarios, including future expansions.

To give you the most reliable and detailed picture of how your data centre cooling solution will perform, WhiteSpace uses leading CFD modeling software. It delivers the most accurate cooling predictions available today incorporating an incredible range of input variables, including:

  • The specific cooling units, UPS and PDUs that you have in place, right down to the manufacturer and model number
  • The size, location and placement of all racks and enclosures
  • Room dimensions, as well as any major or minor features that may affect airflow and cooling
  • Floor characteristics, including height, composition and any grates or openings
  • Ceiling details, including the height from the raised floor, the height of the plenum space, as well as the location and extent of coverage of ceiling egg crates

When the analysis is complete, you’ll get a full report with graphics, as well as specific recommendations to help you solve any cooling challenges that the analysis may uncover.

Data Centre Optimization

Our certified data centre energy consultants can help you:

  • Find energy savings
    If you are running out of places to save on data centre operating costs, let our experts audit your power infrastructure and usage to recommend specific steps you can take to find energy savings.

  • Calculate ROI for infrastructure additions
    If you are expanding or building a new data centre, our energy professionals can help you model and predict energy use in order to validate the proposed design and know what to expect in terms of ROI.

  • Validate green initiatives
    Need help validating performance promises or “green” claims from vendors or integrators? Let WhiteSpace plan and execute a test-and-measure plan to evaluate a proposed solution or one you already have in place.
How We Work With You Regardless of your situation, you can trust our disciplined process to diagnose and solve your energy challenges. Our services include:
  • Detailed audits of your current power setup and energy use
  • Performance benchmarking using the leading industry standards: Performance Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and Data Centre infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE)
  • Software modeling to predict ROI and future performance
Energy is an increasingly important issue in the data centre, but it doesn’t have to add to your never-ending list of concerns. Bring in the experts from WhiteSpace and you’ll have one less item to worry about.

Installation Services

The WhiteSpace Installation Service Team provides customers with comprehensive assembly and installation services. The Installation Service is customized to the specific needs of the customer and facility. A WhiteSpace certified and trained installation team performs the service for general office, technical office, data centre, airflow management products as well as lab and console environments. Customers can be assured of proper assembly and installation according to the plan, ensuring that the solution installed will deliver value throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

We provide high quality design, installation, and integration services for today’s demanding data centre, technical lab, 911 call centre, wireless, fiber optic, security, and technical office applications. Working with many of Canada’s biggest companies, co-location facilities, healthcare organizations, universities and schools, industrial clients, IT consultants, architects, and general contractors, WhiteSpace has developed an outstanding reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective designs with top quality craftsmanship and premium manufacturer products.

Manufacturer Certified

WhiteSpace understands the difference between designing a data centre, building out electrical systems in a healthcare facility, and the stringent requirements of a lab. Every project is unique with its own nuances and needs specific to its applications. By partnering with the industry’s leading manufacturers, WhiteSpace is able to offer a broad array of premium products to provide solutions that will meet today’s and tomorrow’s mission critical requirements.

Project Management

Project management, the key to a successful installation, is a top priority at WhiteSpace. A Project Manager and Team Leader are assigned to each new installation. The Project Manager coordinates the manpower, materials, and workflow of the job. The PM monitors and reports on the progress of the project, coordinates with the other trades on the job and acts as the prime customer contact. From project start, WhiteSpaces’ Team Leader is dedicated to the project, directing the activity of WhiteSpaces’ licensed installation technicians. Upon project completion, the Team Leader completes a thorough Installation Checklist, part of WhiteSpaces’ commitment to deliver the highest quality installation service available.

Whether you are installing enclosures in your data centre, upgrading your current network infrastructure, placing new consoles in your NOC, or deploying technical benches into your lab, WhiteSpace has the right solution and the experienced personnel to help you achieve your goals, and provide you with a return on your investment. Certified, registered, insured, bonded — delivering projects on time and on budget.

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