Power Solutions

reliable and efficient to run without Interuption

Facility managers rely on WhiteSpace to provide the power management infrastructure to support their data centre in order to keep it running without interruption. IT managers rely upon WhiteSpace to make power both reliable and efficient.

Whatever your power needs, WhiteSpace has you covered.

Explore our power solutions

Backup Power (UPS)

UPS Systems by Eaton. Mission critical facilities trust Eaton’s quality and performance for any power event to keep the systems online


Eaton and Legrand RPP and Bussway systems protect and deliver the circuits to the IT equipment with ease and flexibility. Each system can be customized for your environment.

Rack Power distribution

From basic power delivery to the most advanced managed power distribution units, we have products to address whatever your environment requires. Both Eaton and Legrand are leaders in enclosure and rack pdu’s with leading features, quality, reliability and options for the most demanding environments.
  • Vertical zero U and rackmount horizontal pdu’s available in many circuit sizes, configurations and features
  • Rack based Auto Transfer Switches

Software Management and Control

From basic monitoring software to advanced DCIM systems, we have solutions to monitor your critical power and other data centre infrastructure.

Power Cable and Accessories

Often overlooked, power cables can increase reliability, safety and improve cooling within the racks. Different plug types, gauges, cord lengths and colors are readily available for quick deployment.

Power for Labs and Technical Furniture

Laboratories and technical furniture environments handle important and sensitive materials. Whether to conduct experiments, test blood samples or manage a network, a power outage can be devastating and put lives at risk. That is why companies rely on WhiteSpace to provide the best in reliable and high-performance power solutions. Different plug types, gauges, cord lengths and colors are readily available for quick deployment.

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