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WhiteSpace is a leading provider of ergonomic furniture for technology-intensive environments. By integrating people with technology, our solutions help employees increase productivity and optimize workflow. To assist workers in data centres and other technical environments, we offer a diverse range of workstations, lab benches, and command consoles. Combining quality materials, innovative technology and smart designs, we can offer the perfect mix of durability, usability and comfort.


From the NOC to the executive suite, WhiteSpace offers an extensive portfolio of furniture to outfit your entire facility. 
lab workstations

Lab Workstations

From state-of-the-art science labs to high-tech military research installations, our  Laboratory Management System (LMS) fulfills the need for customizable, durable furniture. The system’s flexible and modular design allows you to create a custom lab furniture solution suited perfectly to your unique needs. High tolerances and certified performance ensure that our modular laboratory furniture always operates beyond your expectations.

The use of highly-versatile furniture components allow for the complete customization of the technical work environment, even as your needs change in the future. A custom lab bench helps boost the safety, productivity, comfort and convenience of your employees to maximize output while maintaining worker satisfaction.
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Technical Carts

From mobile laptop computer workstations to crash carts to shared resource carts, our wide variety of cart and mobile workstation furniture means that you get the perfect solution for your application and budget.

Choose from preconfigured carts to modular computer workstations for a flexible design.
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Bench Systems

WhiteSpace's workbench systems set a higher standard for engineering, manufacturing, test and assembly environments. TechBench, a solidly constructed workbench system, and TechOrganizer, a fully-welded frame system, work together to organize technology, tools and test equipment above and below the worksurface.

New to the TechBench offering – TechBench STS (sit-to-stand) workbenches transform into an electronic height-adjustable workstation with the push of a button. With the end user in mind, our workbench systems are modular and scalable and provide highly customizable configurations, which enable an ergonomic workspace and improve the productivity of the technician using the work center.
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bench systems


Our control room consoles are renowned for their innovative features and overall quality. From network operations centres to public safety and beyond−our console solutions are a perfect fit for any industry and application.

Consoles for Network Operation Centres

Monitoring mission-critical operations requires a height adjustable furniture system that improves the level of organization, comfort and overall efficiency of your Network Operation Centre (NOC). These environments strategically place monitors for common viewing among operators without sacrificing productive interactive workspaces.

Our console system has an aesthetic appeal that creates a professional look that reflects the way you do business; tying your data centre and your NOC together with a consistent, high-end and tech-driven look.

No matter the size of the enterprise or the complexity of the network, WhiteSpace collaborates with the end user integrating our deep expertise in data center optimization and office furniture design, to provide innovative solutions for this mission-critical workplace.
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consoles for network operation centres

Consoles for Public Safety

Created specifically for high-density Flat Panel Display (FPD) monitoring applications, our PSAP console is ideal for the multi-monitor console configurations that are so common to 9-1-1, EOC and other public safety environments.

The console system ensures that the dispatchers or call takers have the right information at the right time within an acceptable viewing distance – essential for today’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software platforms. We offer a full portfolio of dispatch furniture consoles, height adjustable desks, and articulating arms for mounting flat panel displays.
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consoles for public safety

Consoles for Process Control

In process-based industries, one of the biggest challenges is managing the daily control and operations of large plants, where there is a constant push for increased production and quality to ensure a higher return on investment.

In industries such as utilities, petrochemicals, bio-fuels, metals, steel, glass, pulp and paper, and even brewing, these WhiteSpace consoles for process control allow staff to monitor and respond with greater speed and accuracy, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.
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consoles for process control

Consoles for Transit and Transportation

Managing and monitoring 24 hour transportation services can be daunting tasks. We understand the critical nature of your business and design console systems to meet the demands of managing technology and ergonomics.

Our console solutions for process transportation provide operational simplicity by providing a single operator with complete visibility of the entire logistics network.
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consoles for transit and transportation

Consoles for Security

Security risk assessment, vulnerability assessment and security monitoring have rapidly become operational imperatives for many organizations. The assessment of security vulnerability occurs in many facilities today that never had to deal with it in the past.

From plants, to malls, to hospitals and commercial buildings, our console solutions for security provide effective and efficient management of crucial security operations.
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consoles for security

Consoles for Medical

With the focus on preventative healthcare, digital imaging has proven to be one of the most advanced and increasingly reliable advanced screening technologies.

Continuous advancements in imagers themselves along with sophisticated analytical tools are creating operational and diagnostic efficiencies.

Our ergonomic medical console solutions comply with strict HUMAN Factor standards and are universally recognized for offering the most advanced technology access and integrated cable management solutions in the industry.
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consoles for medical
office work stations

Office Workstations

Flexible. Durable. Elegant. The perfect combination for your ideal work environment.

It all starts with the construction – a freestanding, steel-based design that exceeds industry requirements for strength and durability. Its modularity permits unlimited configuration possibilities to reflect the work styles of your people in open or private office settings.

It is completely scalable and reconfigurable. In addition, the contemporary worksurface designs with multiple options for finishes and fabrics ensure a high-end aesthetic appeal.
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Storage Solutions

storage solutions

Storage Solutions

Our modular storage solution is a comprehensive storage system designed to accommodate conventional filing and advanced multimedia storage. Traditional filing cabinets address limited formats, our storage system can integrate any media used in technology intensive environments within a single cabinet configuration.

Constructed of contract furniture-grade materials, it represents a true lifetime investment.
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