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3 airflow management best practices you should tackle during a slow period

Although it is a rare occurrence, data centres do occasionally experience a break in the action. This usually happens during holidays and periods of high user demand. At these times, nobody wants to rock the boat by implementing major projects that could jeopardize availability or uptime. Stay productive during slow periods Many data centre managers […]

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Airflow management checklist for racks

Avoid blowing your budget on unneeded AC. Data centre managers are paying close attention to rack-level airflows these days, and with good reason. If cool air cannot enter the rack, flow through the equipment and exit properly, you could run into problems including: excessive cooling costs hotspots and equipment shutdowns compromised containment installations. And something […]

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7 best practices in data centre cages

Don’t let cages be the weak link in your security chain. When you need to partition a secure area within the whitespace, cages provide a flexible and affordable way to get the job done. However, like anything in the data centre, a little forethought and planning can make the difference between a great solution and a gong […]

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How to *not* fry your switches

Newer network switches come in a variety of different airflow configurations: side-intake with rear-exhaust, side-intake with side-exhaust… the list goes on. Unfortunately, these unconventional configurations often create airflow issues in and around your rack. If not addressed, this can cause serious problems: Air starvation, leading to shutdowns and fried switches Invalidated manufacturer warranties Increased cooling […]

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How to deal with heat in your network closet or data room

Each year, the latest models of network and server equipment draw more power and push out more heat. This means that our network closets, data rooms and other small IT spaces are getting hotter, and this will eventually cause problems. When all that hot air recirculates into the equipment inlets it can raise equipment temperatures, […]

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The buyer’s guide to consoles for equipment-intensive environments

5 questions to help you save money and improve worker performance. Need workstations for your NOC, 911 call centre, process control or security operation? The following questions will help you choose a console solution that meets the long-term needs of your workers, your department – and your bottom line! Does does the console adequately address ergonomics […]

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Three easy ways to improve your cooling efficiency

Avoid hotspots and get more from your A/C units. In our tours of countless data centres, we often find that basic airflow management best practices aren’t being… practiced! When you are trying to optimize airflow and keep cooling costs down, the following steps are essential. 1. Close off empty u-spaces in enclosures. Open u-spaces are […]

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What’s with the missing power cables?

Many data centre manufacturers no longer include power cables with new rack-mount equipment. Unfortunately, a few of our clients have learned this the hard way. WhiteSpace CIS can hook you up. Our comprehensive line-up of power cables includes common and hard-to-find combinations such as: C-15 to C-16, for some of the newest PoE switches C-13 […]

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