How to *not* fry your switches

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Newer network switches come in a variety of different airflow configurations: side-intake with rear-exhaust, side-intake with side-exhaust… the list goes on.

Unfortunately, these unconventional configurations often create airflow issues in and around your rack.

If not addressed, this can cause serious problems:

  • Air starvation, leading to shutdowns and fried switches
  • Invalidated manufacturer warranties
  • Increased cooling costs.

To prevent these issues, many organizations are turning to specialized airflow director units. These simple and affordable units help you manage in-rack airflows, ensuring that your switches are fed a steady supply of cool air. Hot air is directed out the back of the enclosure instead of circulating around within it.

Compared to the cost of replacing or repairing a failed switch, airflow directors are a relatively minor investment that can save you a serious headache later on!

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